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MandaLay Wood

Mandalas to arrange in order ...

Product description

102 parts to play with and to arrange in order, 1 play mat with colour print (40 x 40 cm), 1 fanfold

Positioning, stacking, arranging in order, combining, counting, sorting, playing … our mandalas are miniature all-rounders embodying high educational value!
A whole variety of different forest-and-meadow styled shapes and colours combine to create lasting enjoyment in forming innumerable mandalas. Included in the set is a brightly coloured play mat designed with a fine network of lines to facilitate even positioning.
The cute figures simply fire the imagination when it comes to creating fantastic playscapes while stimulating enthusiasm applied to artistic creativity and unleashing free-play resources.

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Available since/from:
1 Feb 2021

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39.95 EUR