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PETINKA Ready-to-Activity Board

Busy Board

Product description

PETINKA Ready-to-Activity Board is a specially customized magnetic wooden board which can be attached e.g., on a wall in the playing room, nursery or in the pediatrician`'s waiting room. With multiple Ready-to-Activity boards next to each other you can create one big playing area.

Thanks to the clamping system made of magnets and wooden plugs PETINKA toys and activities can be attached to it and create a new busy board everyday according to the kid`'s age, interest or mood. These toys teach kids how things work.

While the child is growing up, it always plays with toys in different way and the Ready-to-Activity board is growing up together with it.

The smallest ones will have lots of fun with educative geometric shape puzzle game, mini cabinet, switches and house with three different locks. Thanks to these they will develop fine motor skills and also learn to distinguish between colors and shapes.

Bigger children will embark into creating of simple mechanisms. They can construct marble run, or connect wooden gear wheels so that one will rotate all others. The creative thinking of the child is developing, and their imagination is driven to the maximum.

Pre-school aged children can design their own room with bookshelves, blackboard, picture frames, pencil holders and different boxes.

Product data

Available since/from:
01 Jan 2021

Recommended retail price:
89.00 EUR (toys are sold separately)