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Small house

Children's houses made of laminated plywood

Product description

The house is intended for children who have reached the age of 1,5 years. All houses are detachable and made of laminated Baltic birch plywood.

When choosing children's houses from laminated plywood, you no longer have to worry about space in the apartment, because they are easy to detach and will not take up much space in a disassembled way. As well as it can be used 'outdoors - in the yard, on the terraces.

Playhouses will provide new opportunities for training, bring you closer to the child and will be an unforgettable childhood experience.

If you put a night light in the house, its light will give the house a little charm.

We offer you to create the theme of house engraving yourself. Choose decores from our catalog or submit your sketches on the topics offered in the catalog - animals, nature, the sea world, African motifs, planets, stars, space, and cars.

Length 110 cm
Width 110 cm
Height 110.5 cm

Features: Play
Materials: Laminated plywood (9 mm) - can be used outdoors




Product data

Available since/from:
15 Dec 2019

Recommended retail price:
326.00 EUR